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What is the best LCD Separator Machine

LCD Separator Machine

What is the best LCD Separator for removing glass?

Depending on which phone you are working with it may be possible use an LCD separator Machine to remove the glass lens while preserving the digitizer and LCD or AMOLED that are beneath it. This is also known as LCD screen repair although it is not actually the LCD that is being repaired but a piece which is attached to it. Older phones are usually the best candidates for this type of repair since they do not typically fuse the glass directly to the LCD. In the case of newer phones however you are more likely to run into a situation where the three components mentioned earlier are glued together at the time of manufacture. This design offers a few benefits such as less glare, better clarity, and no possibility of dust or debris getting in between the lens and LCD.

One of the most common components prone to damage tends to be the phones screen. The problem is that when a new phone is released by a large manufacturer replacement parts tend to be expensive. Over time the cost of these replacement parts will decrease but in some cases not by very much. This is especially true of the Samsung Galaxy series since AMOLED screens are more expensive to manufacture than LCDs. Because the AMOLED is attached to the digitizer which is glued to the lens we have a unique challenge when the glass lens is damaged. Rather than replace the entire display assembly which would be quite costly we want to remove the glass from the rest of the display while preserving the functionality of the touchscreen and AMOLED. Since the parts are sealed together with a special LOCA, or liquid optically-clear adhesive, it this will require a specialized piece of equipment.

This is very similar to the one that we used in the video below.